Conference: “The future of the European Union”

The imminent withdrawal of the United Kingdom has once again intensified discussions about the future of the EU. Although there is wide agreement that the EU requires reforms in many areas, the overall direction of its future development remains unclear. Against the backdrop of the current debate on the future of the EU, the conference will seek to throw light on the current political developments and academic debates. By comparing the EU to Canada, the question of how the EU can be made more democratic, more effective and more efficient will be explored.

Free admission, but registration mandatory via eventbrite).

The conference programme is available here.

The conference is organised by the Cologne Monnet Association for EU-Studies (COMOS, in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Centre Montréal and the Centre d’études et de recherches internationales à l’Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM).

The conference will gather both senior scholars and up-and-coming academics from diverse backgrounds, political practitioners and civil society representatives in Montréal. Beyond the scientific exchange and debate, the event will serve to foster an intergenerational academic network in the areas of EU studies and comparative federalism among scholars based in Europe and in Canada.

In three thematic panels, the conference will discuss:

1: Democracy in multi-level and multi-national systems

2: Differentiation and asymmetric federalism: Challenges and opportunities

Crisis management in multi-level systems and the EU

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