Jean Monnet Award winner: Skye Miner

Skye Miner

McGill University student Skye Miner was awarded one of the two Jean Monnet Awards for 2017-2018. 

Skye Miner is a PhD candidate in Sociology with a Women’s and Gender Studies emphasis at McGill University. Her current research interests are in the intersections between science, technology, ethics, gender and public policy. Her research on cross-border fertility tourism (CBRC) examines how EU and national policies surrounding fertility treatments impact the health of global citizens. Through 18 in-depth interviews with fertility clinics in the Czech Republic and Spain, she shows how disparate national and international policies have created fertility markets in these two countries. Her findings demonstrate how policies surrounding medical care are not specific to one country, but instead affect the health of other citizens as patients easily and affordably travel across borders to obtain the health care they need/want.
More info on the Jean Monnet Awards here..

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