Cycle de conférences 2018 : «Do European Parliament Elections Impact National Party System Fragmentation?»

Dans le cadre de son cycle de conférences de 2018, le Centre Jean Monnet de Montréal a le grand plaisir d’accueillir Elias Dinas (Institut universitaire européen) le 8 novembre à l’Université McGill. Elias Dinas donnera une conférence sur «Do European Parliament Elections Impact National Party System Fragmentation?».

L’entrée est gratuite.

Quand ? 
Le jeudi 8 novembre 2018, 15h00

Où ? 
Université McGill, Pavillon Leacook, salle 429 (855, rue Sherbrooke, Montréal)

Abstrait de la conférence (en anglais) :
Why have European large parties lost electoral ground in recent decades? Whereas most explanations draw on theories of dealignment, Elias Dinas and his colleagues advanced a novel, institutional, argument by focusing on the introduction of direct elections to the European Parliament (EP) in 1979. Archetypes of second-order elections, EP elections are characterized by lower vote shares for (a) large and (b) incumbent parties. Bridging the second-order elections theory with theories of political socialization, he posits that voting patterns in EP elections spill over onto national elections, especially among voters not yet socialized into patterns of habitual voting. In so doing, they increase the national vote shares of small parties.

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