The University of Montreal and McGill University have jointly promoted research and teaching on the European Union since 2000. Heir to the first Jean Monnet Chair established outside Europe in 1993, the Jean Monnet Centre Montréal brings together diverse researchers and students who work in a bilingual environment and are engaged with decision makers, the business world, youth, and civil society.


Measures taken regarding VIDOC-19

{:fr} ⚠️⚠️⚠️Le CJMM annule toutes ses conférences et activités publiques pour une durée indéterminée, effectif maintenant, en raison de la...
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Jean Monnet Awards

Jean Monnet Awards.
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JMCM research luncheons: “Why EU’s multilateralism matters in Korea’s Peace Process?”

Sunhee Park (Seoul National University) on: “Why EU's multilateralism matters in Korea's Peace Process?”, March 20th.
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“Boris Johnson the handyman”

Jeanne-Lise Devaux Pelier and Florent Guntz, Le Devoir - 24 February 2020
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Speaker Serie (2020)

Programme du cycle de conférence du Centre Jean Monnet.
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