The University of Montreal and McGill University have jointly promoted research and teaching on the European Union since 2000. Heir to the first Jean Monnet Chair established outside Europe in 1993, the Jean Monnet Centre Montréal brings together diverse researchers and students who work in a bilingual environment and are engaged with decision makers, the business world, youth, and civil society.


JMCM research luncheons: “the European Union and Anti-minority Mobilization”

Presentation by Petra Guasti (Goethe University Frankfurt & Harvard University) on "the European Union and Anti-minority Mobilization", 20 February 2019
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Discussion: « Reprendre le contrôle! » Brexiters et Gilets Jaunes: même combat?

Discussion with Laurie Beaudonnet, Pascale Dufour and Frédéric Mérand (Université de Montréal), 26 February
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JMCM research luncheons

New: research seminar from 2019 on
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Lunchtime lecture series

The Jean Monnet chair Euroscope organizes a lecture series on current issues of EU politics this autumn.
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Speaker series « Identités et frontières »

CÉRIUM organises in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Chair Euroscope and the Jean Monnet Centre a speaker series on "Identités et frontières".
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