The working papers presented below showcase the research led by our students, with the support of the RESTEP. Each approches European politics from a novel angle, and proves just how much potential this area of research contains.

We will publish ten working papers in the course of January and February 2021, one for each University that is part of our network.

Les vecteurs ‘invisibles’ de l’européanisation : le cas des usages techniques de l’Union européenne dans les politiques d’e-santé en France, en Autriche et en Irlande

Chloé Bérut (Laboratory Printemps, University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines) studies the influence of the European Union on national health policies, and more...
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Extending the Kin-state Policies via the European Parliament

Mate Subašić’s (University of Liverpool) research focuses on issues related to ethnicity and national identity, particularly as they relate to...
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Attribution of Responsibility for Economic Policy Issues in the Mainstream Media, Before (2002–2009) and After (2011–2016) the Great Recession

Susana Rogeiro Nina (University of Lisbon) studies the media coverage provided by national newspapers on economic affairs. More specifically, she...
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Emotional Politicisation of the European Union: Towards a New Framework of Analysis

Nicolai Gellwitzki and Anne-Marie Houde study the role of emotions in international relations, an often-neglected topic of research in political...
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