Transatlantic Master’s Degree in European and International Studies

Discovery: Portrait of the students of the new double-diploma in European Studies

This fall, the CJMM welcomes the first cohort of the double degree in European StudiesUniversité de Montréal UCLouvainUniversité Saint-LouisBrussels. Linked to two research centers on the European Union, the Institute of European Studies in Belgium and the CJMM in Montreal, the degree is part of the UdeM Master’s in International Studies. Offering both an excellent training in European Studies and a transatlantic contextualization of these themes, the programme allows students to spend a year in each institution, with funding, and a double supervision of their research.

For a little over a month now, the very first cohort has taken its place on the benches of the Université de Montréal and we invite you to meet some of them through their backgrounds and their motivations for choosing to follow this new adventure.

« My name is Yaxin Zhou and I am in the International Studies programme, European Studies. I did my bachelor’s degree at Beijing Foreign Language University and my master’s degree in law at the same school. Next year, I will go to UCLouvain Saint-Louis – Brussels and I think it would be an interesting course to deepen our knowledge of the EU and Europe in the field. The choice of UdeM seems quite obvious to me, its varied diverse and enriching academic, linguistic and cultural resources help me to better understand the world and to discover my potential as well. The European Studies programme combines theory and practice, general theories and those more focused on the EU. I chose the European Studies programme because its subject matter responds well to today’s issues and provides us with valuable experiences in the long construction of good global governance, and I am sure that my journey at UdeM and then at UCLouvain Saint-Louis – Brussels should be a valuable experience in my further research. 

« “My name is Michel Khneifes and I completed my Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, with a specialization in peace and security, at the University of Montreal. During this period, I also had the chance to do an internship at the United Nations and to participate in the Simulation of the Council of the European Union (SCUE), very enriching experiences that pushed me to specialize even more in the field of international and regional organisations. I decided to do this double master’s degree because it will allow me to acquire unique and different knowledge and experiences from two distinct academic environments: the Université de Montréal and UCLouvain-Université Saint-Louis-Bruxelles. In addition, the University of Montreal has specialized research centers, notably the Jean Monnet Centre and the CÉRIUM, which are very relevant to my fields of interest. During my bachelor’s degree, I did some analysis on European Union issues as part of my courses. It was then that I became increasingly interested in this unique political and economic organization in the world. Moreover, having European origins and mastering four official languages of the Union, I naturally enrolled in the Master’s programme in European Studies. » 


« My name is Marie-Pier Allard and before I started my international studies, I completed a gap year in England to perfect my English. Upon my return, I decided to pursue my studies at Bishop’s University, where I now hold a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Political Science. Since graduating, I have been working as a research assistant for the Security Tips podcast, which is a podcast co-hosted by Thomas Juneau and Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brûlé dealing with defense and security issues. I decided to pursue my graduate studies in order to deepen my knowledge of the issues that interest me, namely defense and security. The opportunity offered by this programme was a unique chance to develop my critical thinking on both European issues and related defense and security issues. I am very happy to be able to continue my studies, not only at the University of Montreal, but also at the UCLouvain-Saint-Louis Brussels. The possibility to complete this Master’s degree jointly at two universities like these is really an incredible opportunity.  The European Union has always interested me because of the uniqueness of its raison d’être and the enlargement of its fields of operation. I was interested in security and defense issues, especially in the role the EU plays in conflict management. » 


« My name is Gabrielle Rheault and I completed my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Law at UdeM earlier this year and was lucky enough to finish it with a session at Sciences Po Paris. I chose the double master’s degree in International Studies and European Studies at UdeM and UCLouvain Saint-Louis – Brussels, since I wanted to do part of my studies in Europe. Moreover, European studies has always been a subject that fascinates me, especially with regard to the European Union’s external policy and its internal dynamics.» 

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