13.04.2023 : Simone Veil Talks – Claire Faggianelli

The Jean Monnet Center welcomes Claire Faggianelli for the second Simone Veil Talks of 2023 in partnership with the Équipe de recherche sur l’immigration au Québec et ailleurs (ÉRIQA) and the CÉRIUM.

Claire Faggianelli was born in May 1988, she grew up and studied in the French Alps. Attracted by the sea at a very young age, she became a diving instructor at the age of 19 and then a merchant marine at the age of 23. After having managed a diving center in Brittany for a few years, she embarked in 2017 on rescue ships in the central Mediterranean as a mechanic, then as a rescuer. She participated in the transformation and adaptation of the Ocean Viking (SOS Méditerranée) and the Louise Michel (Banksy) and carried out several missions in the Mediterranean as a lifeguard for SOS Méditerranée and Sea Watch between 2017 and 2022. After retiring from operations, she shares her experience as a lifeguard and her political commitment through conferences and interventions in schools

This conference entitled “Sauvetage en Méditerranée centrale : la relève citoyenne face à la défaillance de l’Europe” will be an opportunity to put words on Europe’s responsibility in this historical drama that is played out at its borders and on the relief taken by civil society to compensate for the failures of our States. Telling the story of the central Mediterranean as a lawless zone, where we meet people in danger who are trying to flee from war or unbearable lives of misery and abuse, to extend to a reflection on the relationship with the other and our own responsibility as individuals in this history that often exceeds us.

The conference will take place at the Science Complex – MIL Campus on April 13 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm in room B-1007. This conference will be followed by a cocktail.


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