28.04.2023: JMCM Conference – Nesi Altaras

On Friday, April 28, join Nesi Altaras (Stanford University) for a JMCM Conference entitled: “Citizenship Restitutions from Spain and Portugal: Applicant Perspectives from Jews of Turkey”. The conference will take place from 12:00 to 1:00 pm at McGill in Leackock 210.

Here is an excerpt from the lecture:

“Jews of Turkey have been applying for restitution of citizenship from Spain and Portugal through processes formalized in 2015. What motivates these applicants? Are cultural links driving them to Iberia and Iberian identity or holding them back in Turkey, and within Turkish identity? How do they describe their new citizenship and engage with it? What can this tell us about the hierarchy of global citizenship?”

No registration required.  

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