Jean Monnet Award 2018: Daniela Heimpel

Congratulations to Daniela Heimpel, winner of the Jean Monnet Award at Université de Montréal. This award is given by the Jean Monnet Centre Montréal to recognize excellence in European studies.

Daniela Heimpel is a PhD candidate in political science at the Université de Montréal and the Université de Nantes. Specialized in political theory, her thesis addresses the issue of a European citizenship education. Her broader research interests include European integration, civic education, citizenship, democracy and pluralism. She currently co-directs with Saaz Taher a collective book on “Challenges of Pluralism” (to be published in French in 2018). In 2017, she published the article “Former le citoyen européen? Réflexions sur le concept d’éducation civique dans le cadre de l’intégration politique transnational de l’Europe” in Eurostudia.

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