Workshop: “Rule of Law in Europe: Threats and Resilience”

April 19-20, 2018

The rule of law, which is a fundamental value of the European Union, is increasingly tested and contested across Europe. In Hungary, Orban’s self-proclaimed “illiberal” turn has included the decimation of the Constitutional Court’s power and jurisdiction and the increased use of the law to undermine real and perceived opponents. In Poland, the PiS government and the opposition have clashed over Constitutional Tribunal appointments and sweeping government-proposed judicial reforms have triggered massive protests. In Romania, politicians have tried to curtail the jurisdiction of the increasingly active and powerful Anticorruption Directorate with surreptitiously passed amendments to the Criminal Code, thus also triggering massive social mobilization.

The workshop will bring together a diverse group of scholars – senior scholars, junior faculty, and promising graduate students – for a discussion of the intersection of law and politics in Europe.

Download the program here.

Registration is mandatory.
All attendees are expected to have read all papers. Please email Elizabeth Chrun at elizabeth.chrun[at] for more details. elizabeth.chrun[at]

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