Conférence: “How the Left-Wing Parties in Post-Communist Europe Followed the EU’s Advice to Reform and Lost.”

Le Centre Jean Monnet a le plaisir d’accueillir, dans le cadre de notre cycle de conférences Simone Veil, Docteur Maria Snegovaya (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and George Washington University) pour une conférence intitulée : « How the Left-Wing Parties in Post-Communist Europe Followed the EU’s Advice to Reform and Lost.». 

L’évènement se déroulera en ligne. Merci de vous inscrire avant le 7 octobre 2020. La participation est gratuite.

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Le jeudi 8 octobre 2020, 15h00

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Résumé : “In the 1990s, many left-wing parties abandoned their traditional economic policies and adopted more pro-market economic stances. Central and Eastern Europe offer a useful context to explore the impact of these policies on the electoral fortunes of the left-wing parties that adopted them. The ex-Communist left’s rebranding strategy received an additional push from the European Union, which provided further incentives for parties in candidate states to implement comprehensive economic reform in light of the EU accession. Although rewarded at first with electoral victories, the adaptation of pro-market positions had a less straightforward impact on the left-wing parties’ electoral fortunes in the long run. CHES data on party positions and ESS survey data on party support show that pro-market left parties obtain reduced support; this effect is particularly pronounced among the economically vulnerable occupational groups. These groups, in countries with more pro-market left parties, have a higher propensity to vote for right-wing parties. These findings highlight important parallels between the dynamics of Western and Central and Eastern European party systems.”

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