“Reverberations in Political Order”

Jeff Colgan
Department of Political Science, Brown University

Le 14 septembre 2017 – 16 h 15 à 17 h 25
Leacock 429, McGill University
Coparrainé par Études empiriques en économie politique internationale


“Reverberations in Political Order”

The worldwide trend toward decolonization created political reverberations: changes in international authority and hierarchy. Reverberations can preserve, upend, or create new forms of political order. Colgan has developed a theory for understanding these changes to international order, and demonstrates this theory empirically through focusing on energy politics. He traces how the end of empires reverberated in the evolution of OPEC, the supply of military security in the Persian Gulf, and the cooperation between rival superpowers to prevent nuclear proliferation.

EU Speaker Series - Jeff Colgan

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