650,000 euros for research on the EU


Congratulations to Juliet Johnson, Magdalena Dembinska, Virginie Lasnier and their European colleagues for their successful application to the Erasmus+ Programme. The 300,000 euro grant will allow them to establish the Jean Monnet BEAR (“Between the EU and Russia: Domains of Diversity and Contestation”) network. Its key objective will be to promote a better understanding of how the EU and Russia influence and inspire minority politics, integration efforts, and societal contestation on the EU’s eastern borders. The network will bring together 25 scholars from 11 universities and 6 countries.

Congratulations are also in order to Laurie Beaudonnet and Frédéric Mérand, who were also granted 300,000 euros by the Erasmus+Programme to establish RESTEP, a transatlantic network on political Europe. The Jean Monnet RESTEP network will aim to identify and share solutions to resolve the EU’s legitimacy crisis and will bring together 20 researchers from 9 universities and 6 countries.

Last but not least, Maria Popova will be the holder of the EUROL (“Europe and the Rule of Law”) Jean Monnet Chair at McGill. This will be the first chair in Canada devoted to research and teaching on the rule of law in Europe.

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