Call for nominations: ECSA-C Young Research Network

The Young Researchers Network of the ECSA-C is soliciting applications to serve on its next board of officers (a governing board of president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer). To apply, e-mail a brief candidate’s statement by May 1st, 2018..

Candidates should be graduate students or postdoctoral fellows attached to a Canadian university and members of the ECSA-C. The board will proceed to a secret ballot election at the YRN event which is held on the 9th of May 2018 during the Toronto Conference. Members of the governing board are elected for a two-year term, beginning on the date of the YRN event.

Since 2004, the YRN is an official entity within the ECSA-C. The YRN holds conferences and co-organizes panels at the ECSA-C biennial conference facilitating the integration of students’ paper presentations into the general conference panels. The aim of the YRN is to connect graduate students with a common research interest in European Studies across Canada and other parts of the world. It seeks to create resources and networks for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and other young researchers, and to provide them with relevant information for their research activities.

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